Contact Platinum Management

We contract with Platinum Management to manage our Association.
Address: PO Box 14198, Tucson, AZ 85732
Phone:  520-623-2324
Some reasons to contact Platinum Management for help:

  • Republic Services fails to pick up your garbage - Please ensure all your contact information for calls, texts, and emails is up to date on Republic Services website so they can alert you to changes in their schedule. However you can report a missed pick-up to Platinum on the day of service after 2 pm by using the form below.  
  • You need to put a hold on your garbage service while you’re gone. Tell April using the form below and she will take care of it. 
  • Solicitors are going door to door - There are No Solicitation signs at our entrances. Inform them it’s not allowed. If they don’t leave ask for a business card. Take a photo of the card to send to April’s email (shown above). She will then contact them and advise there is no soliciting in our HOA. 
  • You have a change of address to report - Send an email to [email protected]